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Industry Case Studies

No matter the size or industry, Andus Health Benefits provides customized solutions that provide control and impact the bottom line. View our Challenge – Solution – Results Case Study series to learn more!

Manufacturer case study from Exton, PA by Andus Health Benefits

Manufacturer Case Study

A manufacturer with 120 employees located in Exton, PA, was facing a $700K increase from their current insurance carrier…

Medical Group Case Study

A medical group based in the  Philadelphia area with 180 employees on their healthcare plan was facing a one million dollar increase from their current insurance carrier… 

Medical group case study by Anus Health Benefits

Office Automation Company Case Study

A full-service office automation company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and operating in 8 states had 322 employees on their healthcare plan when they were introduced to Andus Health Benefits in 2016…

Specialty Food Retailer Case Study

A specialty food retailer in New Jersey with 90 employees on their healthcare plan was facing a 16% increase in cost. This represented the third consecutive year of double-digit increases…

Technology Company Case Study

A technology company with 90 employees located in Herndon, VA, came to Andus facing a $1.7 million cost via a fully insured healthcare plan…

Technology Group Case Study

A technology company with 55 employees located in the Philadelphia area was facing a $900K plan renewal…


The Andus team of experienced industry experts understand the challenges facing employers today. Our ongoing blog series provides employers with research outcomes and sound advice that take these challenges head on. Read on to learn more!

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