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Andus Health Benefits helps employers overcome the health benefits challenges that face businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Some health benefits challenges include

Rising Premiums

A Lack of Transparency with Plan Dollars

Adverse Plan Design Changes

Limited Advice on How to Control Cost

A General Lack of Information on Selected Plans

If any of these health benefits challenges plague your business annually, Andus is here to help.

Benefits you can trust

Our model is driven by data

Our unique data-driven model provides complete health benefits transparency and puts employers where they should be: in the driver’s seat. In the end, you have full control to choose your cost drivers, ensuring the best health benefits for your valued employees. 

We firmly believe there is a misguided incentive system amongst insurance carriers and brokers. Where they do not have a vested interest in helping you control the cost of your employee benefit plan.

The Andus service model enables employers, in many cases for the first time, to see the price tag of their benefit plan.  They understand what their key cost drivers are and how their employees are utilizing the plan.

Once armed with this information, they can take back control of the purchasing process, make better and more educated decisions on behalf of employees, and finally achieve a level of cost control.

Andus Health Benefits come with


With Andus comprehensive data and analytics, you have the benefit of making educated decisions based on real-time data instead of the word of a commission-seeking broker. Whether it’s the difference between a brand name or generic drug, or what the best option of emergency care, you will have the data and guidance to make a well-informed decision.

Andus Health Benefits come with


With Andus, you dictate the purchasing process. We provide you total control over the customization of your benefit plan. You decide what is best for you, not the broker or carrier like traditional healthcare plans. Best of all, We work for you and are not paid by insurance carriers.

Andus Health Benefits come with


The Andus purchasing model enables employers (in many cases for the first time) to see the price tag of their benefit plan. They understand what their key cost drivers are and how their employees are utilizing the plan.

Customers reviews

Here's what our clients have to say

Prior to meeting Brian and his team at Andus, we had been negotiating our health insurance rates directly with our carrier, Geisinger. We felt we were in a very good position so initially I was skeptical if Andus could help us improve upon what we were doing. After four years of working with Andus, they have demonstrated that they have great expertise and a proven process that has helped contain our cost and improve our benefit offerings. I highly recommend their services.
Larry Medico
CFO & Owner
After several years of frustration with increasing premiums and a lack of control and transparency when purchasing healthcare for our employees, we decided to engage Andus as our advisor. It has turned out to be a great decision as we now have valuable data that we've never had in the past. The data has not only allowed us to make far more educated decisions but also we now know where all of the dollars in our plan are being spent!
Chris Mentzer
Director of Operations

No more guess work, Andus has the resources you need.

Andus Health Benefits has provided cost-saving solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Learn more through our industry specific case study and industry blog series.

Our trusted comprehensive service model provides employers with a 360 approach to their health benefits

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