Personalized health solutions based on data

From strategy to execution, we make sure you have everything you need to succeed with personalized health solutions.

Personalized Health Solutions

Andus first develops a proprietary roadmap for each new client. The roadmap starts with identifying the issues that have negatively impact their current benefit plan as well as their total healthcare spend for the current year. 

As we progress through the assessment/discovery, strategy and goal setting process, Andus works with each client to identify the specific solutions that fit their needs best. 

Once the client has chosen the model options that fit their needs best, Andus builds a developmental timeline with clear objectives, strategies and ROI targets, highlighting impactful tactics that have been implemented as a direct result of our data driven capabilities.

Andus Health Benefits Service Model

Andus Data Analysis & ROI Tracking

With Andus’s trusted metrics and analytics reporting, small and medium size businesses are given the opportunity to utilize many of the same core reporting techniques that large corporations use to control their cost and improve their benefit offerings. 

This includes:

  • A monthly report card from our finance team that highlights the previous months expenses and how your plan is running versus projection
  • A quarterly analytics report from our experienced account executive team that details your key cost drivers as well as forecasting the completion of your plan year
  • Plan design strategies for your next open enrollment based upon data (never carrier driven)
  • Customized educational videos for your employees and benefit managers
  • The Andus roadmap that benchmarks your spending versus prior years and highlights impactful recommendations made along the way
  • Comprehensive prescription drug reporting

No more guess work, Andus has the resources you need.

Andus Health Benefits has provided cost-saving solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Learn more through our industry specific case study and industry blog series.