Andus Leadership Team

Brian Husowitz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Brian has over 25 years of experience within the Health Benefits industry. After a decade of successfully advising publicly traded and large privately held companies on their health insurance programs, Brian came to the realization that small businesses did not have the luxury of having a large HR staff, leaving them in a constant struggle with premiums, costs and ROI.

In 2014, he took a leap of faith and launched Andus Health Benefits. Today, Andus is one of the leading health benefits advisors within the Mid-Atlantic region. Brian attributes Andus’s success to its unique and proven purchasing model that is centered on navigating the insurance market effectively and data analysis and optimization. Brian is proud to call Andus a “disruptor” that leads companies of all sizes away from the status quo and into a new results driven model that benefits the client and their valued employees.

Anthony Martinelli


Prior to joining Andus, Anthony spent more than three decades as a strategic growth advisor for small and medium size businesses within the Mid-Atlantic region. This included developing short and long term growth strategies based on data, analytics and planning. Anthony’s unique understanding of the balancing act of entrepreneurs to offer robust benefit plans while continuing to invest in their businesses and remain profitable led him to Andus Health Benefits.

Viewing the employee benefit plan through a different lens that incorporates data analytics and finance enables Andus to deliver a powerful alternative path that Anthony is proud to lead within the Andus team and with each client.

Dan Jordon

Managing Partner

Dan joins Andus with over 18 years of benefits consulting experience. He is passionate about driving down healthcare costs without negatively impacting employees. His mission is to continually educate employers on the state of the health insurance system and how to combat what is happening to them in a responsible, well-thought-out plan.

Dan is well versed in various healthcare funding platforms, Rx strategies and proper underwriting principles in the middle to small market.

Dan has spent the last decade as Managing Partner at Innovative Benefit Planning and The Graham Company. His skill set and experience as a health insurance “innovator” aligns perfectly with the Andus overall market philosophy.

William Medico


William serves as Principal with Andus Health Benefits. He is the Co-Founder of Jacobi Wealth Advisors and has over 20 years of experience advising companies to better manage their bottom line. William serves as a strategic partner to Andus, helping the company execute key growth strategies and client service offerings.

Sal Valenti

Senior Consultant

Sal is a Senior Consultant at Andus Health Benefits. Sal’s responsibilities include managing the stop-loss insurance procurement process, actuarial analysis, accrual development, funding rates, financial reporting, and IBNR reporting. With over ten years of experience in economics and finance reporting, Sal’s perspective is a valued asset to the Andus team.