A True Consultative Approach to Planning Your Employee Health Benefits

The Andus Roadmap

Businesses choose Andus Health Benfits as their employee health  benefits advisor because they realize that the road they have traveled when purchasing healthcare has often led them to a dead end.

Andus develops a proprietary roadmap for every new client. The roadmap starts with identifying the issues that have negatively impacted your current benefit plan as well as your total healthcare spend for the current year.

We then add to your roadmap critical mile markers along the way highlighting impactful strategies that have been implemented as a direct result of our data driven process.

We provide health benefits consulting that is driven by 100% transparency with our clients.

Comparing Standard Health Benefit Providers to Andus

The overwhelming majority of insurance brokers are both directed by and paid by insurance carriers, at Andus, we refer to this purchasing model as the carrier broker model.

Insurance carriers provide brokers with plan design and pricing options that they in turn deliver to their respective business clients.

In the carrier-broker purchasing model, businesses (with under 100 employees on plan) are typically given very little to virtually no usable data to help them determine what the key cost drivers are in their plan as well as important behaviors their members exhibit when utilizing the plan.

To further complicate matters, insurance carriers have compressed the renewal process to typically less than 60 days. This means businesses are given less and less time and have very little information to make important decisions regarding their existing benefit plans.

This often leads to poor decision making and a host of negative reactions like raising co-pays and deductibles that frustrate both them and their employees, all the while, the cost still increases significantly on an annual basis.

Their strategy to a certain extent becomes hopeful for less of an increase.

The Andus Service Model

Decision Support

  • Plan Design & Selection
  • Medical & RX Analytics
  • Plan Disruption Analysis
  • Employee Retention Strategies


  • Health & Wellness
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness Programs
  • Employee Newsletters & Video
  • Employee Benefits Communications


  • 6055 & 6056 Reporting
  • 1094 & 1095 Filing
  • HR Assistance
  • Employee Benefits Statements
  • Employee Handbook


  • Vacation Tracking
  • Online Enrollment
  • On-Boarding / Off-Boarding
  • Plan Decision Support
  • Employee Portal / HR Intranet

Insurance Guidance

  • Quote Plans
  • Claims & Billing Assistance
  • Negotiate Renewal
  • Plan Comparison

What Makes Andus Unique?

At Andus, we never take direction from insurance carriers. We are not paid by insurance carriers, we are only paid by our clients.

We firmly believe there is a misguided incentive system amongst insurance carriers and brokers where they do not have a vested interest in helping you control the cost of your employee benefit plan.

The Andus purchasing model enables employers (in many cases for the first time) to see the price tag of their benefit plan. They understand what their key cost drivers are and how their employees are utilizing the plan.

Once armed with this information, they can take back control of the purchasing process, make better and more educated decisions on behalf of employees, and finally achieve a level of cost control.

Employee Health Benefits

Benefits Andus Provides Over Other Companies

Small employers are given the opportunity to utilize many of the same core strategies that very large employers use to control their cost and improve their benefit offerings.

At Andus, our renewals are typically complete 120 days prior to the beginning of our clients plan year.

  • Many brokers are hands off once your renewal is complete, Andus delivers 12-month active management to our clients.

Some of our deliverables include:

  • A monthly report card from our finance team that highlights the previous months expenses and how your plan is running versus projection
  • A quarterly analytics report from our experienced account executive team that details your key cost drivers as well as forecasting the completion of your plan year
  • Plan design strategies for your next open enrollment based upon data (never carrier driven)
  • Customized educational videos for your employees and benefit managers
  • The Andus roadmap that benchmarks your spending versus prior years and highlights impactful recommendations made along the way
  • Comprehensive prescription drug reporting

Are You Frustrated With…

  • Limited Advice on How to Control Cost?
  • Rising Premiums?
  • A Lack of Transparency with Plan Dollars?
  • Adverse Plan Design Changes?
  • A General Lack of Information About Your Benefit Plan?