Open Architecture Model

Andus Open Architecture

What does it mean for employers?

  • Control of the process – You decide what you buy
  • Complete transparency with all plan dollars
  • Risk is transfered to an “A” rated insurance carrier
  • Reduced volatility
  • Cost containment
  • Ability to “win” when the plan runs well
  • Ability for benefit plan to become a recruiting and retention tool

Open Architecture Health Insurance

Traditional Carrier-Broker Model

Health Insurance Broker Model

Insurance Carrier

  • Transfers all risk to the employer (inverse definition of insurance)
  • Dictates process, costs and offerings
  • Distributes bundled products with large profit margins

Insurance Broker

  • Sells carrier products
  • Paid commission by carrier
  • Gives limited information on where plan dollars are going
  • Provides limited ways to control underlying cost
  • Advocates cost shifting to offset premium increases


  • Blended pricing – no transparency
  • Costs go up every year
  • Increased volatility
  • Absorbs all the cost of erroneous funding
  • Employees frustrated due to cost shifting

Two Models That Appear Similar Can Produce Drastically Different Results

Carrier-Broker Model

Client Cannot See or Control Plan

Insurance Carrier Broker Model

Insurance Carrier Broker Model

Andus Open Architecture Model

Client Can See and Control EVERYTHING

Andus Open Architecture Model

Andus Open Architecture Model

Are You Frustrated With…

  • Limited Advice on How to Control Cost?
  • Rising Premiums?
  • A Lack of Transparency with Plan Dollars?
  • Adverse Plan Design Changes?
  • A General Lack of Information About Your Benefit Plan?